How to Create and Manifest a Test Consignment

How to Create and Manifest a Test Consignment

To Create a Test Consignment via the Create Consignment Screen ensure that either you have your User in Test Mode , or that you have access to Test Carrier Accounts.

How to Navigate to Create a New Consignment

  • To get to the Create Consignment screen, from the top menu Create/Manage, click Create Consignment under the Consignments section.

  • Or you can alternatively use the link here


Create Consignment screen

  • Despatch Date: Please select your desired despatch date and time.

  • Pickup and Delivery Location:

    • Very Frequent Locations: If you add any location to the very frequent location list, you'll be able to see and select it from the dropdown list. Once you choose a location, it will pre-populate all the address information from that location.

    • Location NameAs you type in the location name, MachShip will suggest the best match from your saved locations, once selected, the location’s address will fill in all the relevant fields. If it is a new location, you can manually fill in everything and click on the “save address” link to save it to your saved locations. Before it is created, you will need to specify the location type just like when you add a new location from the Create Location screen.

    • Make sure to fill in the following required fields for the address: Location Name, Address 1, and Suburb.

    • Extra fields for Delivery Location:

      • Send Tracking Email: If this option is selected, MachShip will send any tracking update to the selected email.

      • Delivery Special Instructions: If you enter anything in this field, it will show up in the printed documents and could be used to provide extra information for the driver at the delivery location. 

  • Items: Enter the items that are being delivered in this section. All dimensions are in cm and all weights are in kg. Note that these are LINE ITEMS so the weight should be item weight NOT total weight. MachShip will automatically compute the totals. 

    • Very Frequent Items: It works similarly to Very Frequent Locations, it will allow you to select an item from your frequent item list if you have any. Once you select an item, it will add the item with its information to the item list, similar to the image below.

    • Item Name: It is an optional field. If what you type matches with a saved item, it will populate the item type and dimensions, if not, you will need to manually fill in all fields as they are all required. 

  • References: You may enter two references as your business requires. 

NOTE: Reference fields can be re-named, set to be required and also configured as dropdowns, or a set format. An example of how a reference field will look when altered is shown below. 


  • Select A Route: Once all the information has been entered, you will need to generate routes. Click on Generate Routes button when you are ready. 

It will display the qualified routes from carriers with their service and rate. This will be sorted based on the selection you have set against your company. All Test Quotes will be highlighted with the indicator shown below:


  • Create the Consignment

Select the Test Route and choose between the applicable options below:

Create and Print A4 Labels

This will create the consignment and will be download as a PDF file. The item labels for the consignment to be printed as 4 labels requires an A4 sheet paper. 

Create and Print Labels

This will create the consignment and download as a PDF the items labels which can be printed either on a thermal label printer or as 1 label per A4 sheet. 

Create Consignment

The create consignment call will create the consignment and, if applicable, it will send the call to the MachShip Printing Application to print the item labels. If the printing application is not set up then the consignment will just be created. 

With each of the methods explained above simply clicking the button will cause the consignment to create and for the system to refresh through to the Unmanifested Consignments Page. Should you wish to create multiple consignments then it is suggested that you click the upward facing arrow which sits next to your selected option. 

This will then provide you with the options below:

and Keep Details:

This will create the consignment (and completed the applicable label task) and then refresh to the create consignment page with all the same details (i.e Pickup, Delivery, Items, references, date and time) of the consignment just created. 

This method would be best used when creating a batch of consignments with the same items. 

and Clear Form:

This will create the consignment (and completed the applicable label task) and then refresh to the create consignment page. The only details which will have been filled out would be those which have been set as defaults. 

This method would be suggested when you want to create a series of consignments with different details in quick succession. 

and Create Return:

This will create the consignment (and completed the applicable label task) and then refresh to the create consignment page with all the same details (i.e Pickup, Delivery, Items, references, date and time) of the consignment just created except that the Pickup and Delivery will have been reversed allowing for the creation of a return.  

Note: The Labels for all Test Consignments shows with the watermark Sample embedded. 

How to Manifest a Test Consignment:

Once the Test Consignment has been created you can manifest them by navigating to the Unmanifested Consignments Screen:

Select Create / Manage and Unmanifested Consignments:

The test consignment will be indicated as below:

To manifest the consignment select the cog on the left-hand side and 

MachShip will indicate that you are manifesting a test Consignment on the Manifest Popup as below. 

To Manifest, just click on the manifest button:

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