[Woocommerce] How to use Machship Product Migration Box tool

[Woocommerce] How to use Machship Product Migration Box tool

A Machship Product Migration Box tool is an additional plugin feature on our Machship Shipping plugin. This allows you to copy all existing product dimensions into our plugins product dimension fields.
All existing product dimension fields needs to be copied to our plugin dimension fields to ensure the live rates will generate in the product pages, cart and checkout.
Assuming you have you have added all your product dimensions into the default Woocommerce product fields, follow the next steps below:
  1. Login to your Woocommerce wp-admin
  2. Go to Woocommerce > Machship Product Box Migration  
  3. Select the Overwrite my existing Machship Product Package settings - this is the ensure all dimensions previously added in machship dimension fields will get updated.
  4. Select Package type to Carton
  5. Select all locations under Available at Warehouse 
  6. Click Go button.
  7. Do not navigate to other pages until the migration is complete, normally it will only be few seconds.
  8. Go to your edit product page and open any product to edit. If the dimensions are copied, then the migration is successful.

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