1.a - [Shopify] Integration Demo

1.a - [Shopify] Integration Demo

In this video we cover an end to end demo of our live pricing and order syncing integrations for Shopify.
Below this video will be links to further articles that cover some of the topics mentioned in further detail.

  1. In order in install third party carrier rates on your Shopify store, Shopify has the following requirements:
    To activate the third-party carrier-calculated shipping, your store needs to be on the Advanced, Shopify, or Plus plan. If you're on the Shopify plan, then you can add this feature for a monthly fee or switch from monthly to yearly billing instead, then submit a support request. 
Further Reading/Watching:
  1. Live Pricing In Detail
  2. Packaging Rules
  3. Carrier Grouping

Please don't hesitate to reach out to clientintegrations@machship.com with any questions.
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