When looking to set up a new account with Lindsay Transport you will need to set the below specific options:

Account Code - The account code would have been provided to you when your account was set up.

Consignment Prefix - this can be any 3 letter prefix you desire.

Reference Pools - Reference pools are utilised by MachShip in order to maintain a count on connotes, manifests and item numbers. The reference pool will ensure that each of those numbers is unique to what we have sent to the carrier previously. More information can be obtained on reference pools here. Lindsay Transport requires the creation of just 1 reference pool, for the Connote number.

To create the reference pool select the Create Carrier Reference Pool button at the bottom of the page.

If you are creating a new account then the Reference Pools will be set to the following fields:

Pool Name - Set as Lindsay Transport Connote Pool <Account Code> 
Minimum Value - 1
Maximum Value - 999999 (that is six 9's)
Next Value -  1
Cyclical - No

It will appear as below:

Once created it will appear in the drop-down as below:

Should you already be trading on an existing account, please set the next available field as 1000 consignments higher than the highest connote number on your previous account. 

Once done, click on the Save Carrier Account button.



Once the account has been set up and all of the rates have been added, you will need to run a test to ensure that upon go-live, everything will run successfully. To do this, create a consignment - please make Reference 1 and Reference 2 and the delivery special instructions THIS IS A TEST. Once this has been created please manifest the consignment to the carrier. If you experience any issues please contact support@machship.com.

If you receive a successful manifest message from MachShip then please send an email to your account manager and advise them that you are starting to despatch your Lindsay Transport account through MachShip and that you would like to receive verification that the job has been successfully received. 

Advise your account manager of the connote number and request that they should cancel this to ensure that you are not charged. Please cc integrations@machship.com on this email so we can help if required. 

On confirmation from the support team that the set-up is validated, you are free to begin to consign.